Good Morning, Good afternoon, and good evening Salty Wenches! This is your host Ryan CHUCK Miller, and you’re now on The Salt Podcast’s official landing site, The Order Of The Salt!

This is a place where all Salty Wenches can come to discuss topics relate to the news and not have to worry about getting in a Facebook war with some colored haired college girl or a 60-year-old biker somewhere.

We’re going to be posting topics throughout the week to talk about, presenting both sides, and most importantly… TALKING about them.

The ‘Let’s Talk About… The Bullshit’ page is exactly where you can go and tell us here at The Salt and all other Salty Wenches exactly what you think about… the bullshit. And of course, you can listen to every episode of The Salt right here as well.

So strap in Salty Wenches, it’s gonna be an awesome ride!